Techno App: wifi thermostat or home automation system?

TECHNO APP is not just a wifi thermostat, it is also a true smart home system, which is both easy-to use and customizable.Thanks to the smartphone app IMIT APP (available for Android and iOS) and the IMITBOX gateway control unit, you will be able to manage the heating remotely or control electrical appliances and other electronic devices, such as audio and video equipment, and even the lighting. And in future you will be able to expand your TECHNO APP system by adding your choice of up to 100 new devices, thanks to RELAY and SMART PLUG.

What’s in the Techno App kit?

The TECHNO APP kit already contains IMITBOX and the first TECHNO RT smart thermostat, but you will be able to expand your system thanks to the RELAY and the SMART PLUGS.


The app is free for smartphones, available on Google Play and App Store


The control unit or system gateway to connect to your home router


As well as relay and smart plugs to control up to 100 devices

What are the advantages of Techno App?

  • Improved comfort by wireless management of standard and multi-zone heating , on more than one floor, in homes and offices.
  • Programming your own time schedule to manage both heating and electrical appliances.
  • Controlling power consumption and saving money, avoiding waste by remote control.
  • Predicting electric consumption with an estimate of the costs .
  • Activating your system only when you're about to arrive home, thanks to the geolocation function.

Installing the Techno App system is simple

Just four steps to complete:

  1. Download the IMIT APP free on smartphone or Android / iOS tablet
  2. Connect the IMITBOX control unit to your home router
  3. Install the TECHNO RT smart thermostat following the instruction manual
  4. Configure the system using the simple wizard on IMIT APP

Not convinced? Watch the video!

What you can control with the Techno App Relay and Smart Plug accessories

  • The boiler, including wireless control
  • Dehumidifiers, electric radiators, extractor fans, fans, lighting system, audio and video systems
  • Switching on lights, including random switching on to simulate presence
  • Audio and video, home theatre and hi-fi systems

IMIT APP Overview

Scroll through the screens of the smartphone app, IMIT APP, and you'll see how easy it is to use.

Thermostat activation customisable or manual, at home or remotely

Weekly setting of load drives and random mode

Thermostat settings simple weekly setting and intuitive setting

Electric load drives with smart plug and consumption meter

Control based on your position, using the geolocation tool

Consumption meter, temperature and/or heating activation

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