Techno App Business: the home automation system for your business

Want to make your business or your office smarter? You can do it with TECHNO APP: it’s not just a wi-fi thermostat, but a true, simple and flexible home auto-mation system that allows you to control a wide range of accessories, via smart-phones, tablets or electronic devices, such as thermostats, household appliances, automatic shutters and irri-gation systems. With IMIT APP (for ANDROID and iOS) you can connect vari-ous IMITBOX control units capable of handling up to 100 accessories each. Re-gardless of the initial requirement (managing remote heating or controlling household appliances or other electronic devices) you can expand the TECHNO APP system, adding new devices as desired.

Hotels, offices, public buildings: Techno App can improve your business

With IMIT APP you can manage the heating system and the electrical utilities at a distance, even in rooms that aren’t close to each other, enhancing the comfort experience of users and customers. Set the preferred timing program for heating/air condition-ing, and for home appliances, such as irrigation, awnings, conditioners and pellet heaters... Save energy for your business by viewing consumption and estimating costs, avoiding waste and managing everything remotely, even from abroad. Through the RELAY remote module, no cabling will be required and the IMITBOX signal will be enhanced to cover larger surfaces.

The Techno App starter kit

The TECHNO APP starter kit, includes IMITBOX and the first TECHNO RT smart thermostat; however, you can expand your system with more IMITBOX control units that can handle up to 100 RELAYS and SMART PLUG smart sockets.


The free smart-phone app, available on Google Play and App Store


The control unit or system gateway to be connected to a router


Wireless thermostats, relays and smart sockets, enabling you to control up to 100 devices for each IMI-TBOX

Techno App application examples for companies and offices

Multi-zone heating and air-conditioning, even on several floors, room by room, in hotels, homes and offices. Remote activation and programming of dehumidifiers, electric radiators, pumps, fans, irrigation systems, awnings, hi-fi systems, pellet stoves, air conditioners ... Control unit for turning on lights, even randomly, for presence simulation.

Installing the Techno App system is simple

Just 4 steps are needed:

  1. Download for free IMIT APP on your smart-phone or Android / iOS tab-let
  2. Connect one or more IMITBOX control units to the router
  3. Install the TECHNO RT smart thermostat and other accesso-ries by following the instruction manual
  4. Configure the system via the simple guided procedure on the IMIT APP

Don’t believe it? Watch the video!

IMIT APP Overview

Scroll through the smart-phone IMIT APP application screens and you'll see how easy it is to use.

Thermostat activation customisable or manual, at home or remotely

Weekly setting of load drives and random mode

Thermostat settings simple weekly setting and intuitive setting

Electric load drives with smart plug and consumption meter

Manage up to 100 different devices for each IMIT BOX

Consumption meter, temperature and/or heating activation

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